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Jonathan Broxton Will Have Physical On Wednesday For Kansas City Royals

Jonathan Broxton has signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Royals, and yet it’s the routine physical every athlete goes through upon a new contract that should be the most tenuous part of all of this. That’s because Broxton’s health concerns are what made him sign a one-year deal in the first place.

From 2006 to 2009, Broxton was among the game’s greatest young relievers. Then came a down year in 2010 where it was often wondered whether or not he was battling injuries. Those worries came true in 2011, when a bone bruise sidelined him in May and his elbow eventually needed arthroscopic surgery in September. Now, however, he’s healthy and hoping to re-establish his stock with the Royals.

No one is exactly sure how the Royals will use Broxton or even their other bullpen parts for that matter. But it gives the Royals plenty of options — whether that’s moving Aaron Crow or Joakim Soria to the rotation — or simply as a more loaded bullpen. Scott Miller of CBS Sports reports that Broxton will be in KC on Wednesday for his physical, so we will know more then.