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Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder Leads In "Coach Of The Year" Voting

The No. 11 Kansas State Wildcats (9-2) have come out of virtually nowhere to currently sit in third place in the Big XII behind Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, despite being a preseason pick for No. 8 in the conference.

Much of that success should be given to head coach Bill Snyder, who has again come to Kansas State and helped turn around a program that was headed in the wrong direction. While the circumstances weren't nearly as dire this time around, it's still impressive to see the improvement from a Kansas State football team that isn't crawling with NFL prospects.

This could be one of the reasons that Snyder is currently leading the Liberty Mutual "Coach Of The Year" voting with over 127k votes. Collin Klein has come on the national scene with 36 total touchdowns (25 rushing, 11 passing) this season and is by far the most important player on the Kansas State team.

Snyder, Klein, and the rest of the Wildcats take on Iowa State on Saturday before awaiting their bowl fate. It's looking like Cotton or Alamo bowl for the Wildcats, with a very small chance at the Fiesta Bowl.