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NFL Power Rankings: Official NFL Site Has Chiefs At No. 27

The latest set of Power Rankings from’s Elliot Harrison features quite a bit of commentary on each team, and for the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s injected with a bit of humor. Then again, anything is helpful to cope with the 4-7 season. Currently the Chiefs rank at No. 27 on Harrison’s list. He writes:

Top six reasons Dwayne Bowe didn’t stick his hand up for Tyler Palko’s final throw of the game Sunday night:
a. He could see the trajectory of the ball better with his arms out of the way.
b. He was a big fan of Ricky Watters as a youngster (“for who? for what?”).
c. He refused to upset one of Tyler Palko’s few spirals.
d. He likes when every sportscaster refers to Ben Roethlisberger warmly as “Ben” after a Steelers’ win.
e. He didn’t want to create a quarterback controversy between Palko and Kyle Orton by catching the ball, because Orton should be starting next week.
f. He thought the ball was intended for a receiver behind him.

The Bowe incident was not what cost the Chiefs the game. You can blame Palko’s other turnovers in the game or the fact that the pocket collapsed rather quickly at other moments. Or how about the commitment to run guaranteed two-yard runs on first and 10. The Chiefs offense as a whole just didn’t work on Sunday. Perhaps Kyle Orton can bring a new level of output.