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Questions Persist About Leigh Bodden's Release From New England Patriots

As news of Leigh Bodden's arrival in Kansas City was circling tonight concerning his workout and potential signing, it's also clear that no one really knows why the Patriots released the veteran in year two of a four year deal when he can still provide help at a position of value. ESPN's Mike Reiss has one guess that might not impress the Chiefs if it's true.

Specifically, Reiss questions Bodden's ability to be "all-in" whether in workouts or the program.

He writes, "The wear and tear has been adding up for the 30-year-old Bodden, even though his agent said Friday that he's "totally healthy." I attempted to reach out to the likeable Bodden today to ask him if some of the health issues were making it harder for him to be "all-in" -- which is what you have to be in the NFL, especially in the Patriots' demanding program -- but the connection couldn't be made. Out of all the possible reasons the Patriots abruptly released Bodden, this is the one that seems most plausible from this perspective."

There's definitely something not being said on either side about the release considering Bodden had five interceptions last season including one for a touchdonw. As the number three corner on a playoff team, Bodden still warrants a roster spot. So something is wrong and maybe it was just the fit in New England. However, it's hard to imagine that if he didn't fit for those reasons with the Pats that he would end up doing so with the Chiefs.