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NFL Draft 2012 Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles Latest Prospect To Impress Mel Kiper

As Mel Kiper continues to develop his overall draft board for the 2012 NFL Draft next April, he recently chose to take some time to write about one of the best wide receivers to come out of the Big 12 in, well, since it first began. That's because Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles is the all-time leading receiver in Division 1-A. While he's not big enough to be an A.J. Green level of impact player, Kiper thinks he still will have a long, productive career at the pro level.


Kiper writes, "While not a speed burner, Broyles has impressive run-after-the-catch ability, which was on display against the Wildcats. And after failing to impress as a returner in 2010, he's averaging a very respectable 10.4 yards per punt return this season. While there are others at the position who possess a lot more upside, Broyles qualifies as a very safe pick and should be able to have a long and prosperous NFL career as a No. 3 wideout."