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Did Bill Belichick Pay Players To Start Fights In Practice?

It’s an interesting wrinkle in the “Patriots Way” that’s often discussed around NFL circles, but apparently a part of Bill Belichick’s way was paying players to start fights in practices if you believe the word of former NFL player Chad Eaton. As a practice squad/fringe roster player, Eaton told the Dayton Daily News that he was paid to start scrapping on the practice field to keep players on edge.

"If practice was going slow, he’d look at me and just say, ‘It’s time,’ " Eaton said. "He wanted me to get on somebody’s (case) and start a little fight. I was known for that and it paid off on Fridays. There’d always be some extra money in my locker. Practice players don’t make much, so I really appreciated it."

Eaton is now the defensive line coach at Central State University.