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Denver Broncos LB Von Miller Calls Tim Tebow A Rock Star, Says He's Humble

Tim Tebow mania has reached epic proportions. Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times recently penned a column that details the hype from every perspective in and around the Denver Broncos -- from head coach John Fox to Broncos' players to the community of Broncos' fans. And, like you might expect, it's filled with elation and exasperation depending on who you talk to. As for Von Miller, he thinks Tebow himself is taking it well and keeping his head about him despite his "rock star" status.

"He's a rock star, plain and simple," linebacker Von Miller told Farmer. "He takes it so humbly. You can't even tell he's achieved some of the success that he's had."

That's a great point by Miller that he's clearly a personality above the franchise right now and that's what makes it so hard to deal with. Despite the frenzy around him, Tebow himself hasn't went off the handle. That's the one thing that's most important in all of this, and Tebow will have a chance to succeed as long as that's the case.