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MLB Free Agency: Jim Bowden Says Kansas City Royals Ideal Fit For C.J. Wilson

The Kansas City Royals are starved for major league level starters who are worth their weight in the rotation. Fringe prospects, roster retreads and average veterans have made up the rotation for far too long, and that's equaled the AL Central basement for most of the last decade. Now that the Royals hitting is improving and prospects are making a dent, it's time to change things up in the rotation. That's why a recent World Series could help anchor a rotation, according to Jim Bowden.

The former Reds GM believes that C.J. Wilson might be just what the Royals need to turn the corner. In his latest column valuing the MLB crop of free agents, he likes either the Washington Nationals and Kansas City Royals for Wilson's final stop.

"The Nationals, Yankees and Royals all should be players for the southpaw, and I could see the Nationals and Royals possibly going as far as six years and $90 million to get it done," says Bowden.

"The Royals have less than $40 million committed for next year and less than $12 million committed for 2012. And since some of their top pitching prospects stalled a bit this season, they need to fortify their rotation if they want to compete in the American League Central in the next year or two, which is their plan. In the end, I think Wilson will take less to go back to the Rangers or even join the middle of the Yankees' rotation."

It's that last part that hurts most. The Royals will count on a player like Wilson to be the main guy each and every time out. That takes a special player, one who can handle such pressure. It's hard to tell if he's willing to do that when he's been a part of a playoff club these last two years.