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Denver Broncos Elvis Dumervil Realizes 'Sacks Are What My Position Is About'

Elvis Dumervil has zero sacks. That won’t cut it for a player at his position with his expectations, and he firmly realizes it as he spoke with the Denver Post recently. He speaks from a perspective that Tamba Hali of the Chiefs can definitely relate with and it makes for some interesting commentary on the Chiefs rivals.

“Sacks are what my position is about,” Dumervil said. “Sacks are the stats, sacks are what I do. Of course I’m frustrated, but it’s not the tough things that come your way that make or break you — it’s how you handle them. I’m trying to handle it the best I can.”

Certainly the Broncos last place season thus far isn’t helping things, as fans are looking for every sign of what’s wrong with the team.

“Losing makes it worse. If you’re not on the field, you’re always going to feel like you’re letting your team down. And then if you’re injured, you don’t feel right because you’re not playing at the high level you should be playing. But you have to keep lining up. I’m truly confident . . . I’m close to putting some (sacks) up on that meter.”

While a Chiefs fan will never root for the Broncos, it’s hard not to feel for a player of such ability to be limited. Given his ability, it’s only a matter of time before Dumervil’s back to being an impact player.