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BCS Projected Standings 2011: Oklahoma Sooners Among Losers Despite Win

The Oklahoma Sooners won yesterday’s battle against Texas A&M so why should they feel anything but elated with another Big 12 victory? Well, they lost one of their best players on the field in Ryan Broyles. They also likely won’t get a chance at the national championship no matter what happens now because of the way the dominoes fell in other conferences on Sunday. That’s the latest from SB Nation’s BCS Guru Samuel Chi.

He writes, “The Sooners had a double-whammy of sorts. The close LSU-Alabama more or less extinguished their BCS title hopes – the voters won’t put OU ahead of Alabama, not when its loss was at home to a Texas Tech team that lost its subsequent two games by a combined 66 points. And the loss of Ryan Broyles to a torn ACL seriously damages the Sooners’ prospects of beating Oklahoma State in the Bedlam for the Big 12 title.”

Oklahoma State is the game that they will look to for any sort of chance to finish for the national title despite being ranked that high earlier in the season. Then again, anything can happen week to week in SEC play and LSU and even Alabama aren’t a lock to win until they beat formidable opponents like Arkansas ahead.