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College Football Rankings: Future Big 12 Conference Members TCU And West Virginia On Fringe

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The two newest entrants into the Big 12 conference amidst all of the realignment talk, Texas Christian University and West Virginia University, are both on the verge of either falling out of the polls entirely or have already done so with football seasons that both schools would likely want to redo.

The West Virginia Mountaineers were just No. 21 last week having already lost two games, but after losing this weekend in an upset to Louisville, their fellow Big East foes, the Mountaineers are now out of the USA Today/Coaches poll. They joined Arizona State as the other team who fell out of the Top 25.

As for TCU, they’ve entered and re-entered the Top 25 this year, but yesterday’s 31-20 win over Wyoming brings them back into the fray at No. 24. Both have been Top 10 powers in recent years, and the Big 12 will likely hope for them to return to their former glory for the sake of conference bragging rights. For now, they’re getting disappointing programs that have lost winnable games.