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BCS Rankings, Week 11: Kansas State Comes In At No. 14

The BCS Rankings are currently being unveiled at ESPN, but Kansas State now already knows where it stands in week 14 as the Wildcats are ranked No. 14 after their loss to the No. 2 ranked (AP) Oklahoma State Cowboys. The loss was close at 52-45, but the Wildcats will have to win their remaining games against Texas and Texas A&M along with Iowa State to have a chance at the Top 10 BCS ranking.

The top 10 still have yet to be unveiled, the 11 through 25 read:
11. Houston
12. Penn State
13. South Carolina
14. Kansas State
15. Georgia
16. Texas
17. Michigan State
18. Wisconsin
19. Nebraska
20. Auburn
21. Georgia Tech
22. Southern Miss
23. Cincinnati
24. Michigan
25. Baylor