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BCS Rankings: Alabama Holds Major Edge Over One-Loss Teams Like Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners only have one loss on their BCS resume. So does the Alabama Crimson Tide. Yet the difference between the two is far and wide with the Crimson Tide only falling one spot from their No. 2 ranking from Week 10 to No. 3 this week in the BCS Standings. In other words, somehow a one-win team is still ahead of Stanford and Boise State who are both undefeated.

The respect given to Alabama after their overtime loss to LSU is what keeps other one-loss teams from Oklahoma from enjoying the same treatment. Instead of being in the same company as Alabama, the Sooners will now have to jump over the aforementioned unbeatens as well as Alabama to have any shot at the national title. This is the problem David Ubben, ESPN's Big 12 blogger, confronts when he writes:

Oklahoma may still climb over Alabama, but for now, it looks like the Crimson Tide would hold off the Sooners and give way to a rematch if LSU is the last undefeated team standing. That will be difficult, and that's without even mentioning the on-field problems for the Sooners. The loss of Ryan Broyles will be gigantic. Landry Jones' most reliable target is gone and the Sooners will have to go on the road to beat a dangerous Oklahoma State team, as well as Baylor after next week's bye.

Hard to imagine OU had much of a real chance to be in the title game anyway at this point since Stanford and Boise State should both win out regardless.