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College Football Rankings: Big 12 Places Four In AP Top 25 With TCU On Fringe

The future Big 12 looks a lot more hopeful than the current Big 12 does. For now, the Big 12 has four teams in the AP Top 25 in the latest poll of college football rankings. Oklahoma State sits at No. 2 and Oklahoma at No. 7. Those are the predictable members of the Big 12 to be ranked. Kansas State is at No. 17 and Texas is at No. 22, but outside of that, the Big 12 is not represented. Baylor is out. Missouri and Texas A&M are long gone. It’s been a disappointing season for the Big 12 overall.

Looking to the future, however, and TCU is ranked No. 26 in the country with the most votes outside of the top 25. West Virginia was also just ranked No. 24 last week, but the upset loss to Louisville ruined that standing. Still that bodes well for the future of the conference in that both the Horned Frogs and Mountaineers bring a brand and respect along with winning programs that should bolster the Big 12’s national standing.

Here’s this week’s AP Top 25:
2 Oklahoma State
3 Stanford
4 Alabama
5 Boise State
6 Oregon
7 Oklahoma
8 Arkansas
9 Clemson
10 Virginia Tech
11 Houston
12 Penn State
13 Michigan State
14 Georgia
15 South Carolina
16 Wisconsin
17 Kansas State
18 USC
19 Nebraska
20 Georgia Tech
21 Texas
22 Michigan
23 Cincinnati
24 Auburn
25 Southern Miss