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New England Patriots Reportedly Set To Release Albert Haynesworth

At one point, Albert Haynesworth was the Ndamukong Suh of the NFL. Then he became another Daniel Snyder joke. The hope was that his time with the New England Patriots would resurrect his once dominant career, but that’s not the case apparently since reports are that the team will waive Haynesworth soon. Thus ends the half-season experiment of the Pats in bringing in the maligned veteran defensive tackle.

Haynesworth ends the season with 3 official tackles in a disappointing six games. There was already drama about how Haynesworth recently sat out of games altogether, so it’s not that surprising. Still the fall from stardom came quickly for the former Titan and now at 30-years-old, he might find it hard to find a new home as several veteran players are figuring out this year — from Lofa Tatupu to Terrell Owens.