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Jonathan Broxton Signing Perfect Sort Of Low-Risk, High-Reward Move For Kansas City Royals

The Jonathan Broxton signing has largely went over well with sports analysts, especially in the sense that it gives the Kansas City Royals some flexibility with their rotation and bullpen depth for low cost. Baseball Prospectus’s R.J. Anderson is latest to weigh in on the free agent signing and he likes what he sees.

“Dayton Moore is rolling the dice with Broxton, hoping that the potbellied flame-thrower looks like his old self in his new setting,” writes Anderson. “It’s way too early to tell whether the gamble will pay off, but an interesting aspect of Broxton’s recent performances revolves around his platoon splits. In the past, he struggled against lefties and pitched superbly versus righties. Over the last two seasons, those results have shifted, with Broxton shutting down lefties but stumbling against righties. The catalyst for the shift is hard to finger. It does not appear that Broxton’s arsenal has changed, but for whatever reason, the results have.”

Yet given his experience and success in the past, he’s a low-risk, high-reward bet to come back and do something decent to reestablish his value. As Anderson writes, "If nothing else, credit the Royals’ imagination on both ends of the Broxton signing. Maybe Broxton fails to recapture his old magic, and maybe Crow winds up back in the bullpen, but these are the kind of low-risk moves a team on the rise can benefit from. "