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Donovan McNabb Hits Waivers, Could Land With Bears, Texans Or Cowboys

The latest quarterback to be released -- and in this case, it was granted for his request -- is Donovan McNabb of the Minnesota Vikings. As McNabb is released, it comes at the perfect time with so many teams lacking anything resembling a solid starting option. And just as three teams submitted claims for Kyle Orton when the Broncos released him, some of the same names should pop up for McNabb's services.

Even though McNabb had lost his starting job in Minnesota (and the one in Washington before that), McNabb is still a sexier name than several of the back-ups being trotted out each week by the likes of the Houston Texans (who play T.J. Yates on Sunday) and Chicago Bears (Caleb Hanie will start against the Kansas City Chiefs). The Indianapolis Colts are going with Dan Orlovsky even. That alone tells you that there's still room for McNabb somewhere.

Of course, the Colts have no desire to get better with the No. 1 choice locked up in April's draft. But other teams like the Bears, Texans or even the Dallas Cowboys could get involved with McNabb in the waiver process. Expect at least a couple of teams to make a claim for his services.