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Kansas City Chiefs Given 1.8 Percent Chance Of Making NFL Playoffs

The chances aren’t good. In fact, ESPN’s NFL Playoff Predictor has them at an embarrassingly low 1.8 percent. Yet the Kansas City Chiefs have to know with a four game losing streak and a 4-7 record overall, the chances of making the playoffs aren’t going to be that good. Still at least it’s mathematically possible in a season where nearly everything has gone wrong.

The Oakland Raiders have a 67 percent chance of making the playoffs, but the news still isn’t flattering. “The ultimate case of winning by default, Oakland takes this division simply because San Diego doesn’t seem to want it — and Denver started too far behind. In any other division, a team ranked No. 28 in defensive efficiency would lose 10 games; here, it gets a first-round home game.”

The Broncos are at 37.4 percent while the Chargers are tied with KC.