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Texas A&M Will Reportedly Have To Pay $10 To 20 Million To Leave Big 12

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman says that a source close to Texas A&M is reporting a figure of $10 to $20 million as the exit fee for the Aggies to leave the Big 12 Conference. If that's the case and it's a similar number for Missouri, that's a big payout of $20 to 40 million for the conference total when losing two teams. Parting might be such sweet sorrow, but there's a lot of dollar bills to wipe the tears with.

The Aggies and Tigers will move to the SEC starting in the 2012-13 season after a long, contentious year where rumors were rampant involving a number of schools leaving for a number of conferences. In the end, the SEC will have 14 teams and West Virginia and TCU have been announced as the replacements for the Big 12, which will actually have 10 schools. There's been no word if the conference will officially expand any more.