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Coaching Rumors: Jim Mora Jr. Reportedly Takes Head Coach Position At UCLA

Rick Neuheisel's replacement has finally been found out at UCLA as the Bruins will reportedly announce Jim Mora Jr. as their head football coach. Neuheisel went 21-29 in four years in his post, so it's not surprising the university moved on. However, Mora has been an analyst at the NFL Network and his experience is suited for the pro game. This makes Mora, Jr. an interesting hire, to say the least.

Perhaps this is about bringing in someone with such experience at the NFL level that you hope it not only translates to quality coaching in the college ranks but you also hope his pedigree draws players wanting to be mentored for that next level above other schools. It will be intriguing to watch Mora try to ply his trade at another level entirely.

Peter Yoon writes, "He spent most of his career in the NFL, most recently as the head coach of the Seahawks in the 2009. He was fired after going 5-11 in his only season. He was the assistant head coach for two seasons prior. Before joining Seattle, Mora served as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for 2004-2006. In his first season with Atlanta, the Falcons went 11-5 and made it to the NFC championship game. His teams went 8-8 and 7-9 the next two seasons and he was fired.

"Mora, 50, began his NFL career as a quality control assistant with the San Diego Chargers in 1985. He took over as secondary coach in 1989 and left to join his father with the New Orleans Saints in 1992. He moved to the San Francisco 49ers in 1997 and became the 49ers defensive coordinator in 1999 under Steve Mariucci."