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Indiana Pacers Bolster Frontcourt With Reported Signing Of David West

The Indiana Pacers have bolstered their frontcourt in a major way if Chris Broussard's report is true that they have inked David West to a two-year deal. It's the move the Pacers were poised to make this NBA offseason with the smart way they've managed their salary cap situation and West lands in a spot that loves basketball and is ready to make a move in the Eastern Conference.


The Pacers are now loaded up front if this is true. Roy Hibbert was already providing a strong post presence and Danny Granger is an obvious All-Star. Tyler Hansbrough contributes in several areas and could be a great addition off of the bench to provide further flexibility. West averaged 19 points and just over 7 rebounds per game last season and he has career averages of 17 points and 7 rebounds in a long career with the Hornets. Now at 30, he'll be joining the only other franchise since he first entered the league.