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Miami Dolphins Reportedly Set To Axe Tony Sparano After NFL Season

It’s now that time for the head coaching carousel in the NFL to start-up once again. Rumors will fly, coaches will eventually be fired and names will be bandied back and forth like an auction house. For now, the Miami Dolphins are among the first to step near the ride to possibly announce the firing of Tony Sparano.

Armando Salguero has the inside information, or so he says in a very off-putting, insecure way at least, that Sparano will be let go after the season after today’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He also says that the Dolphins GM, Jeff Ireland, is safe. He writes:

I already wrote in my column Sunday that Sparano was in grave danger of losing his job even if he won the final four games of the year. Sparano’s team has since lost a 26-10 decision to the Philadelphia Eagles and so he will will not win out, which signals his end after the next three games.

Ireland is another story. He stays, barring some unexpected circumstance, regardless of who the new coach is or is not. It is as solid as something of this matter can be in the NFL..