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Mike Smith Reportedly Being Taken To Hospital For Chest Pains

Peter King is reporting some breaking news that the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons is being taken to the hospital for chest pains, although it’s not a heart attack. Again, at this point, nothing is exactly clear, but King posts, “Atlanta coach Mike Smith ushered off charter home from Charlotte, taken to hospital for chest pain. Not heart attack, club says.”

Later on, King wrote, “Owner Arthur Blank sending plane from Atlanta to Charlotte to transport Smith, Dimitroff back to Georgia. Should be back by 2 am.” He also notes that the Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said that Smith’s tests came back okay with the results reading negative and that Smith himself was “in good spirits.”

Certainly this puts the game in perspective today, as does any injury or health concern. The Falcons had a great come from behind victory today over the Carolina Panthers where the Falcons scored 14 the fourth quarter to win 31-23.