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Chris Paul Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Makes 'Perfect Sidekick' With Clippers

Just imagine the possibilities. While the reported trade bounty to get Chris Paul is going to cost the Los Angeles Clippers quite a bit -- Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris Kaman and an unprotected first round choice in the 2012 NBA Draft from the Minnesota Timberwolves -- the reality is that stars make the game at this point and given the right chemistry, some real magic can happen on the court, especially in such a shortened season. Pairing Paul, the league's best point, with Blake Griffin, the league's best rising big, could make the irrelevant clippers suddenly one of the front-and-center franchises in the NBA.

Kevin Arnovitz writes, "Geography is important, but a player as doggedly competitive as Paul isn't just looking for a desirable zip code -- he's in search of running mates who are every bit as obsessive about the hunt for a title.

"Every NBA fan who has followed the rumor mill has imagined what a Chris Paul-Blake Griffin alley-oop will look like, but Griffin's appeal to Paul isn't just that he can propel himself to the rim in a nanosecond. The league has seen a slew of athletic big men who can finish with impunity. Griffin represents a special combination of energy and gravitas. For a point guard who has built his reputation on playmaking and being a killer, Paul won't find a better sidekick in the NBA than the 22-year-old Griffin."

For Paul, this gives the PG a chance to make an impact in a major market with a franchise that's yet to make one. The Clips have always stood in the shadows of the Lakers and yet here the Clippers would be the team that completed the trade that the Lakers could not. It's a position the team has never been in, but Paul and Griffin would be a combo that's rarely existed in NBA history -- no matter what the locale.