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Penn State Coaching Rumors: Could Paul Rhoads Move On From Iowa State?

Just when the Iowa State Cyclones are turning the corner, their head coach might be on the move. Even more interesting is just how awkward of a move it could be -- to not only replace the legendary Joe Paterno at Penn State but to also undo the million wrongs that have been associated with the place and the program. That's exactly what Paul Myerberg believes will happen when he writes:

It was announced last night that Bradley will interview within a week, but I can’t see a scenario where Penn State opts for Paterno’s right-hand man rather than going outside the family. The Nittany Lions have swung and missed thus far, most notably in Chris Petersen, who has zero — less than zero, if possible — interest in relocating back East. I think Dan Mullen has some interest in a job like Penn State, but until any perceived mutual interest turns into concrete discussion it’s too early to make him the favorite. The lack of communication has become a theme: Penn State has played things extremely close to the vest, nearly to the point where any guess as to where the program goes next is complete conjecture. My guess? It won’t be Bradley — or any coach with deep ties to the program. How about Rhoads, the third-year Iowa State coach who spent eight seasons at Pittsburgh as the Panthers’ defensive coordinator?

While Penn State is definitely a top notch program that's always ranked in the Top 25 with a strong recruiting base, unbelievable tradition and fantastic support, the shadow of the Jerry Sandusky scandal looms overtop it all. It's hard to believe that any coach would want to be the rebound guy in this relationship. Perhaps Rhoads can steady the ship and begin to restore the program to its former glory but this entire situation reads like it will take an interim coach to take the fall -- a la Luke Fickell at Ohio State -- before PSU can really move on. Does Rhoads want to be that guy?