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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III Heads To Washington Redskins

As the NFL season begins to wind down and some fan bases find themselves with nothing to root for, it's no surprise that many are tuning into the upcoming NFL Draft in April in the hopes that their team will strike gold and not repeat the same mistakes the next year. One team that will unfortunately be choosing early is the Washington Redskins and SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber has his 2012 NFL Mock Draft ready to go with a new leader for the Redskins' offense: Robert Griffin III.

Van Bibber writes, "John Beck, Rex Grossman...neither of these guys have shown they can be the future in Washington. That changes with the selection of RG3. Mike Shanahan finally gets the building block he needs to finally make the Redskins a threat in the NFC East. Griffin may not have the complete package that Andrew Luck has, but he would be worthy of the first overall pick in any other year."