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Takashi Saito Adds Bullpen Depth For Arizona Diamondbacks, Changes Reliever Market For Royals

The Arizona Diamondbacks have reportedly signed Takashi Saito to their bullpen in the latest move from general manager Kevin Towers. In doing so, the Dbacks have remade their pitching staff in impressive fashion after already trading for Trevor Cahill and adding Craig Breslow in the trade with the Oakland Athletics. Jon Heyman reports the news and says it’s another solid pick-up for the team. It also lowers the number of relievers on the open market for the Royals to check out.

Currently the only name the Royals have been linked to in terms of pitchers that are left is George Sherrill, a sign that the team is seeking a lefty reliever right now to go with the utility players they keep checking out like Edgar Renteria. With Saito off of the market, it takes the Diamondbacks out of any bullpen market left, but they weren’t in on Sherrill anyway.

Saito had a 2.03 ERA last season in 30 games. He also threw 7 scoreless innings in the post-season last year for the Brewers.