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Missouri Vs. Kennesaw State Score: Tigers Lead By 14 At The Break

The No. 8 Missouri Tigers are leading the Kennesaw St. Owls 47-33 at the half. For most of the first half these two teams were neck-and-neck and Kennesaw State even led 29-28 over Missouri with 7:28 left in the first half. That one-point lead would not last long and Missouri then went on a 19 to four run to end the first half.

Missouri has spread the scoring out in the first half as all seven players who have seen time have scored, and the leading scorer being Matt Pressey who leads all Tigers with 11 points. The Missouri offense is shooting the ball well from the two-point line with a 56 shooting percentage, but they are only three-of-11 beyond the three-point line. 

The difference in the first half is that Kennesaw State got cold shooting the ball in the latter part of the first half and ended up shooting und 47 percent fron the field. The leading scorer for Kennesaw State from the first half was Delbert Loveer who had 15 points.

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