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Michael Cuddyer Likely Leaving AL Central, Rockies Lead Suitors

One of the more potent bats for the Kansas City Royals to face in the Minnesota Twins line-up is likely going to be leaving in the next few days as Michael Cuddyer announces his new home. Then again, the Twins just signed Josh Willingham to a free agent deal, so it’s really not going to change much of anything.

Cuddyer has several suitors for his services and it’s odd to think of Cuddyer going anywhere else but Minnesota since he’s been there already for 11 years and he’s only 32. That sort of longevity is never heard of in the majors, and Cuddyer’s been an unheralded staple there in Minny for some time. However, it’s clear that teams like the Colorado Rockies and Philadelphia Phillies among others are bidding the free agent up so the Twins moved on.

Cuddyer had a .284 batting average last season with 20 home runs and 70 RBI. The Rockies are considered the favorites among baseball analysts.