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Paul Rhoads Of Iowa State Considered Front-Runner For Pitt Coaching Job

The Big 12 might soon be saying goodbye to yet another football head coach, a sign of just how incredible the win-now mentality is in college football and how vastly different the landscape will look next season. Not only will there be entirely different teams, but there will likely be several new coaches in places like Kansas and now possibly Iowa State if the rumors surrounding Paul Rhoads are true.

Pitt is looking to replace Todd Graham as head coach and the Post-Gazette is reporting that Rhoads is their man among many impressive names that also include Mark Stoops and Luke Fickell.

Rhoads, who has coached the Cyclones the past three years, appears to be the most coveted of the group as Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson and chancellor Mark Nordenberg like and respect him and think he is an excellent football coach.
Graham’s departure timeline

The school reached out to Rhoads last year after Dave Wannstedt was fired, but Rhoads made it clear he was not ready to leave Iowa State. He is from Iowa and moved back there to be close to his family. According to two people close to Rhoads, he is now open to at least listening to what Pitt has to say now and likely will talk with the administration about the position Graham vacated Wednesday.