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Charlie Weis Could Win Kansas Over With Kansas State Dominance

Charlie Weis has a lot of work to do. The Kansas Jayhawks football program is clearly the worst in the Big 12 with even other lower-tier programs developing hope like Iowa State and Baylor. Therefore, Weis can pretty much target any area to improve and it will sound good. However, his promise to dominate Kansas State in the years to come certainly went over well.

When asked about his take on Weis’ vow to beat Kansas State in the coming years, ESPN’s David Ubben says Weis was smart to smart local.

Ubben writes, “Good place to start. He’s right. There’s no reason why K-State should be better than Kansas. Bill Snyder is the difference. If Weis gets Kansas back to winning seasons and better than K-State like KU was toward the end of Mark Mangino’s tenure, he’d make a whole lot of people in Lawrence happy.”