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Gunther Cunningham Asks Raiders Fans To Take It Easy On Family

It seems the Detroit Lions way isn’t all about stomping on people and wrecking cars and threatening other coaches. Apparently it also includes complaining about the other team’s fan base. The latest comments as the Detroit Lions get ready to head into Oakland for a showdown with the Raiders come from Lions’ defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham who asks the Raiders’ fans to take it easy on his family.

“I was in the AFC West forever with three different teams,” the former Chiefs coach said. "I know a little bit about these guys. It’s an interesting place to play. I’m looking forward to going there and I know what’s going to happen the minute I walk on the field. Some of those fans, they are not going away.

“The only thing I don’t like is they call my family members a lot of bad names. I look forward to coaching there. We had a good run when I was in Kansas City. We played against them when I was in San Diego. Now I’m playing against them with the Lions. I can’t wait to get there.”