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Mat Latos Trade Proved Too Much For Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals need Mat Latos — or at least some version of him. The San Diego Padres always seem to have one frontline ace despite their lack of major success with guys like Latos and Jake Peavy anchoring their staff. It’s the exact opposite of the problem the Royals, so when the Padres made Latos available recently, the Royals could at least be expected to check-in on his availability. Turns out the going price was way too high.

The Cincinnati Reds sent four young players over to the Padres for four years of Latos’ services. Going over in the deal are reliever Brad Boxberger, first baseman Yonder Alonso, starter Edinson Volquez and catcher Yasmani Grandal. That’s an asking price that’s much higher than what the Royals would likely be willing to pay for his services.

For the Royals, that would likely have looked something like trading Jonathan Sanchez, Salvador Perez, Aaron Crow and Wil Myers for his services. Of course, it’s not an exact comparison by any means but it wouldn’t be a trade too far from that. Would any Royals fan feel comfortable with that level of a haul? Absolutely not no matter how dynamic the young Latos is.

The reality is that the Reds paid a steep price for Latos, but these deals hardly work out for the team receiving the quantity over quality in the end. Thus it’s hard to tell who won this deal. The Padres certainly needed help in several places and it’s likely they’re not done trading at this point. But it’s clear the Royals will have to wait another day to find their ace.