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Denver Broncos Waive Fullback Quinn Johnson

As the Denver Broncos get ready for their hyped Sunday match-up against the New England Patriots, they’ve also pared down their roster to get the numbers right and that makes Quinn Johnson available on waivers. The fullback from LSU was initially drafted in 2009 by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round and saw some limited duty out of the backfield this season for the Broncos.

Thus far this year, he’s caught 8 passes from Tim Tebow for 60 yards although his initial draft profile on says he has no receiving skills to speak of. Instead they note:

Johnson is a punishing inside lead blocker who loves to hit. He lacks any sort of running or receiving skills, which will limit how a team will use him, as most now regard the classic fullback as an endangered species. With his marginal speed and tight hips, he can’t be used as an H-Back or in the slot with much success. However, if you need someone to consistently clear the rush lanes, he is the best doing that coming out of college.

Johnson started several games for the Titans last season and the Packers before that. Thus it’s likely the fullback will land somewhere soon.