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Antonio Gates Says Chargers Players Realize Norv Turner Is On Coaching Hot Seat

The Denver Broncos are cruising at the right time of the season which means John Fox is certainly among those receiving a hero's welcome in Denver. Hue Jackson still has the Raiders in contention despite the loss of momentum and it's clear he wields a lot of power in Oakland. However, the other half of the AFC West features coaches who are either in trouble or those who have already been swept out to sea. Todd Haley was the first to go among the bunch but he might not be the last. Antonio Gates says that he and the other San Diego Chargers are well aware of the buzz of negativity surrounding Norv Turner.

In a recent interview with Will Brinson, Gates said it's just a part of the business of losing in the NFL. He said, "It's just the reality for anyone playing in this league or coaching in this league. To me we're trying to do what we can control, which is win the next game. I think you come in, you prepare, you go about everything first class and then at the end of the season you have to wait and see what happens. There are things that just aren't in your control. And what you can control is how you prepare and how you continue to be a first-class citizen in how you go about your way. And that's definitely the case with this organization and this coaching staff. They continue to come in and work as hard as they can and put us in the best position to win."

Given the new momentum that the Chargers have found it might be too late for playoff contention but it will could still save Turner's job. If not, Turner's offensive prowess should land him a job somewhere fast in the ever-changing NFL.