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Joe Flacco Says Tim Tebow Dominates Sportscenter, Ravens Remain Disrepected

If you ask Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens fail to receive the attention they deserve. It’s a solid point given that the Ravens have 10 wins and yet more people are talking about other teams — let’s say the Denver Broncos. That’s exactly the team that comes to mind — and specifically Tim Tebow — when Flacco tried to recently make his point in an interview with WNST in Baltimore.

He said, "It’s funny to see all these things. I mean look at Tim Tebow. I like Tim, but you have a tendency to want to, I don’t want to see Tim do bad, but look what happens after he wins a football game. If you watched Sportscenter today it was Tim Tebow then something else, Tim Tebow then something else, and Tim Tebow then something else.

“When we beat the Steelers were we on TV? No. I couldn’t even find a Baltimore Ravens highlight. I think that’s kinda the way it is around Baltimore. We don’t always get our respect but you gotta deal with it and go out there every week and just win football games."

The coverage on Tebow is finally to the point where athletes now find themselves distracted by it or sick of it. Should be interesting to see what happens if the Broncos can actually beat the Patriots today.