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Tim Tebow Turns Down Saturday Night Live Gig, Other Commercial Opportunities

Tim Tebow is apparently tired of his own Tebowmania. Given the opportunities that Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio says he's missing, it's clear that Tebow just wants to be one a teammate as best as he can and avoid the ridiculous media attention he's been garnering from every media outlet -- even those that have nothing to do with football.

Florio writes, "Per a source with knowledge of the situation, however, Tebow plan to move very, very slowly when it comes to cashing in on his wildfire popularity.  (He already has marketing deals with companies like Jockey and FRS, and he published an autobiography earlier this year.)  Tebow has turned down multiple national media and endorsement opportunities, from late-night talk shows to an opportunity to host Saturday Night Live in the offseason."

It's not surprising that places like SNL have made offers to Tebow, but it speaks well for him to focus only on football as much as possible. As long as the Broncos are winning, he will find plenty to focus on inside the clubhouse. It's hard to find anything not to like about the guy, even if you're tired of the attention.