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Peyton Manning Reportedly Placed On Injured Reserve By Colts

The move that everyone thought would happen several weeks ago might now become official if Sports Illustrated’s Will Caroll is right. That’s because Carroll is reporting that Peyton Manning is headed to Injured Reserve, a move that has only made sense for, well, the entire season now.

The Colts have been playing a man down for the entire season, holding out hope that Manning might actually suit up. Yet popular medical belief that was Manning was far from being able to throw at an NFL level and that the Colts were wasting a roster spot by having him active. Now it seems he might be finally heading to IR, giving the Colts an active spot to test things out.

In the meantime, the win today still keeps the Colts in pole position for the first pick in the draft so they will likely have to deal with Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning both and this move just helps create some roster room. If anything, this also allows Manning to focus completely on rehab and treating the injury over the long-term while the Colts figure out what to do with having both quarterbacks around on the roster. If he gets healthy, imagine the talk of Manning to the Chiefs will increase once again.