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What Would The Homegrown Kansas City Royals Team Look Like?

CBS Sports is going through an interesting series, looking at how teams would perform if they were never allowed to lose players to free agency or trade them. In other words, what if Carlos Beltran never left the Kansas City Royals. Writer Matt Snyder says the Royals wouldn't be much different than they are now, but they would have the ace they need.

"Long a punching bag for fans and media alike, the Kansas City Royals have become a darling in recent years due to their strong farm system," he writes. "We keep hearing about how they'll be a World Series caliber team by 2014 and the first wave of strong talent hit the bigs in 2011 -- with Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas leading the charge. There's more on the way, too. For the purposes of this exercise, though, the Royals get to add two All-Star veterans to the lineup who have long since departed. Oh, and they get back an aloof ace."

You can check out the complete article here with line-up and rotation.