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Donovan McNabb Unwanted: No NFL Team Puts In Waiver Claim

Either a team is wanting to sign Donovan McNabb to their own price rather than pay the approximately $1.5 million it would have taken to sign him or else no one really wants him at all. It’s amazing how precipitous the drop has been for McNabb from one of the second tier quarterback starters in the NFL for the Eagles to a castoff from three different clubs now. John Skelton and Dan Orlovsky and Tyler Palko has earning starts each week for various teams and yet McNabb isn’t claimed at all.

Who knows if anyone will sign him or whether McNabb will wait out until next year. Even more, he could choose to retire and move on to another facet of his career — perhaps broadcasting? It’s difficult to tell at this point, but certainly no one could have seen this end of McNabb coming even two or three years ago. While it was clear that McNabb was no longer the quarterback that he used to be in his prime with the Eagles, to go unclaimed in the NFL is another thing entirely.