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Frank White Will Not Return To KC Royals Broadcast Booth

The Kansas City Royals say they still have to find a replacement, which means the issue with Frank White was that they just didn’t like Frank White anymore. The former Royals second baseman had become a full-time broadcaster of the team over the last three years, but the team has now decided to go a different direction in the booth. In doing so, the team released the following statement:

FOX Sports Kansas City and the Kansas City Royals appreciate Frank White stepping into a larger role as game analyst the last three seasons. He shifted from a planned part-time role to a near full-time role and performed admirably in the booth at a time of need. We also want to thank Kevin Shank for his years of leadership as producer of Royals telecasts. FOX Sports Kansas City has decided to go in a different direction with these positions next year. A search for their replacements will begin immediately.