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Kansas City Chiefs Fail To Place Any Starters Among Fan Voting For Pro Bowl

Most of the list is predictable. Aaron Rodgers is the top vote getter from the fans for this year’s NFL Pro Bowl. Tom Brady is No. 2 followed by Drew Brees. It’s a quarterback’s world and fan voting showed exactly that. It also revealed that the Kansas City Chiefs lack a dynamic personality that’s well known around the league as even their best players were passed by in Pro Bowl voting.

If Chiefs fans are still excited about Jared Allen, then that’s the closest they are going to get to seeing a favorite among the starters as the current Minnesota Vikings pass rusher led all defensive ends in the NFC in voting. Others from the AFC West include kicker Sebastian Janikowski and punter Shane Lechler of the Oakland Raiders. Yep, the only players from the entire division were the special teams unit and even those were both from Oakland. That’s how bad the state of AFC West football is.

Then again, Chiefs icons like Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry were already lost for the season, so they haven’t been in the headlines all year.