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Cotton Bowl 2011: Kansas State's Bill Snyder Says Arkansas Is Strong On All Sides

Ask Bill Snyder what his team has to worry about against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the upcoming Cotton Bowl and he’s likely to say one word: “everything.” It’s clear the Kansas State head football coach has a lot of respect for his opponent as he recently praised the SEC power in a recent interview.

When asked what Arkansas does well, Snyder responded with positive comments all around.

“Anything and everything you can think of," Snyder told the Wichita Eagle. "They have a good kicking game and the best punt returner in the country. They are sound in the things that they do. They run well. They are a fast and physical football team. "Offensively, they can throw it around with the best of them. I think they average 308 yards per game throwing the ball. They have a very good quarterback who handles and manages the game well in addition to throwing the ball as well as he does. As much as they throw it, they are not at all afraid to run it. They seemingly want to be able to run the ball well.

"Defensively, they have been a good football team. They play in a variety of fronts with a lot of movement up front."