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NFL Picks, Week 16: Chiefs Favored Over Raiders By's Albert Breer

Albert Breer of the NFL Network believes that the Kansas City Chiefs can repeat their initial performance against the Oakland Raiders this season. That’s good news because if the Chiefs have any prayer for the postseason, they have no choice but to win against the Raiders on Sunday at Arrowhead.

Breer writes, “Do I think the Chiefs are better than the Packers? No. Do I think last week was a total smoke-and-mirrors job? No. K.C. has horses, folks. You’ll see that against the nicked-up Raiders.”

The Chiefs are becoming a sexy pick now that they’ve shed Todd Haley and his penchant for starting Tyler Palko at quarterback. Kyle Orton gives the Chiefs a real experienced quarterback option to work the game and move the chains. When it comes to playing in December, there’s just no comparison for putting out Orton out there versus Palko.

Romeo Crennel hopes to continue his winning ways this week to bolster now only his reputation but his team’s chances as well.