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SEC Football Schedule: Missouri Will Travel To Florida In 2012

As Texas A&M and Missouri make the transition to the SEC from the Big 12, the schedule will make the biggest difference as to how they fare in their new conference play. After all, while the SEC definitely has the elite teams in college football, the parity of the Big 12 is also not present there and the conference has a few cupcakes that teams can beat up on. Thus, fans will be watching closely to see when the SEC football schedule is unveiled, likely on Monday after the Christmas holiday weekend.

Part of Florida’s schedule has already leaked and Pat Dooley has the word. Missouri and Texas A&M are both on the schedule, but the Gators will travel to the Aggies this year and Missouri the next.

Pat Dooley reports, “Ole Miss was set to come onto Florida’s schedule as a rotating West team, but because the Gators are adding Texas A&M and SEC East team Missouri (in Gainesville later in the season), that won’t happen in 2012. LSU will remain Florida’s permanent opponent from the West. The Tigers will also face South Carolina in 2012 even though they weren’t scheduled to rotate onto the Gamecocks’ schedule.”