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Cotton Bowl 2011: Kansas State's Bill Snyder Says Coaching Continuity Helped Player Development

From one year to the next, fans and boosters want university athletics to shift based on the success of the year before. Sometimes that’s not the best move to make since continuity can provide something that a brand new face and regime cannot. That’s the lesson learned by the Kansas State Wildcats this year as they rose in the Big 12 football standings.

“I think they have done a wonderful job,” Snyder said. “That should be pretty obvious. They have done a nice job of bringing players along. From top to bottom, you see guys that have made very consistent improvement throughout the course of the season.

They have gotten fundamentally better and that does not happen if our coaches are not doing a good job of working and teaching. They have been able to put schemes together that have done some very positive things. They have managed their youngsters well, on and off the field.

“We have had a lot of young guys that have received national and Big 12 recognition that probably were not projected at all and that lies in the capacity of their coaches to improve their play. There are quite a few offensive and defensive players of the week, there were four special teams players of the week. We had a number on all-conference teams and a couple guys that were on All-American teams and that comes because their coaches have helped them a great deal.”