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Atlanta Falcons Exploring Extension For Tony Gonzalez

The Atlanta Falcons are exploring an extension for a player that many believed they acquired only in his prime. Tony Gonzalez was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Falcons for a second round pick that eventually turned into Javier Arenas, and the dominant idea was that Gonzalez was near the end of a career after several All Pro years with the Chiefs. Now it appears he’ll be sticking around longer than anyone thought.

Dan Pompei writes, “Tony Gonzalez may be 35 years old and close to the end of the line, but the Falcons want him back next year. In fact, the team already has initiated talks to extend Gonzalez’ contract, which expires at the end of the season. And Gonzalez, from what we’re told, has no designs on retiring. Gonzalez isn’t as fast as he once was, and he doesn’t have the same kind of lower body explosion, but he remains a very productive player by virtue of his savvy. Only two tight ends in the league—Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski—have more catches than Gonzalez this year.”