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Tim Tebow Plagued By Turnovers, Must Change Ways Against Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Broncos season will be on the line this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs — a scenario no one thought possible even just several weeks ago. As Tim Tebow has taken the reins, the defense and running game have taken over and John Fox has coached the Broncos to the division lead. Now, however, the momentum is deflating at the wrong time as team’s are getting Tebow to turn the ball over more than ever.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says Tebow must learn to protect the ball while moving the chains or the Broncos will end up losing the playoff spot that’s under their control to the Oakland Raiders. This week, the Buffalo Bills, a team that has nothing to play for, took care of business against the Broncos. Same thing can be said about a Patriots team with a lousy pass defense.

Schefter writes, "He’s turning over the football, Fred; that’s the biggest difference. He has had eight turnovers while the Denver Broncos have been forced to play from behind. Now, the New England Patriots did something interesting that other teams have not. They had a defender hit Tebow on many of his running plays, and hit him hard. They didn’t worry whether he pitched the ball; they worried about leaving a mark with Tebow, and they did. New England also took a big lead, as the Buffalo Bills did, wiping out Denver’s running game and putting Tebow in a position where he had to throw. And that’s not going to work, as we’ve seen.

“When Tebow has played well, he hasn’t turned over the football. He hasn’t looked to take many chances, either, but he has played it safe, and it has worked. What Denver has done the past two weeks hasn’t worked, and the Broncos need to turn it around Sunday versus the Kansas City Chiefs — or else.”