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Thunder Vs. Timberwolves Score: Russell Westbrook Leads Oklahoma City To 52-46 Halftime Lead

Oklahoma City trailed for much of the first half against the Timberwolves before a late run put them in front at the half by a score of 52-46. Neither team shot the ball particularly well especially from the perimeter. Oklahoma City's late run was fueled by the Thunder putting their head down and taking the ball to the basket.

Russell Westbrook came alive late in the half finishing with 17 points and four rebounds on 6-11 shooting. James Hardin also had a nice half off the bench with 14 points and five rebounds. Kevin Durant tossed in 13 points who connected on 40 percent of their shots in the first half but were just 2-12 from three-point-range.

Michael Beasley leads the Timberwolves with 13 points but went cold late in the half. Kevin Love has 12 points and six rebounds for Minnesota. Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams made their regular season debuts in the first quarter. Rubio finished the half with four assists in 10 minutes of action while Williams scored four points.

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