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Broncos Coach John Fox Tries To Keep Focus Off QB's

After a season long soap opera that saw their fans repeatedly push for Tim Tebow to take over at QB from Kyle Orton, the Denver Broncos undoubtedly thought they were putting the whole situation in the rear-view mirror when they put Orton through waivers earlier this season.

However, after the Kansas City Chiefs picked up Orton to replace the injured Matt Cassel and the ineffective Tyler Palko, the Broncos will have to face their former starter in a Week 17 rivalry game that will determine whether they make the AFC playoffs.

Naturally, the media peppered Broncos coach John Fox with questions about the two QB's on Monday, and naturally, Fox had no interest in answering any of them:

"I know we made that decision," Fox said of picking Tebow over Orton. "As I would say about anything looking forward, time will tell."

Fox frequently said in training camp and early in the season that Orton gave the Broncos the "best chance to win" and that's why he was playing him over Tebow. Asked Monday if Orton now gave the Chiefs the best chance to win Sunday's game vs. his Broncos, the coach was clearly not amused. Fox did not crack a smile as he said, "That's funny."

But no matter what Fox or interim Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel says, the focus will be on both QB's all week.